Read Your Writing Aloud: Tip #3

Is there a consistency of pattern, cadence, and rhythm to your writing? Do you find the sentences flow from your lips with ease and precision, or does your mind stop on occasion at a particular word or phrase that seems awkward or misplaced?

Reading your material aloud will give you the opportunity to notice if your words and phrases flow like those of a song lyric or a poem. It will allow you to listen to that rhythm of your writing, and to discover those places in which they don’t ring true. Words are arranged best when they perpetuate a beat, which is why, when they fail to fall so easily on the ear, they are likely in need of fine-tuning. It’s amazing that the simple act of removing a word or two from the end of a sentence and placing it at the beginning or middle can make a vast difference in the overall clarity and effectiveness of the piece. It’s why writers are sometimes told their words “sing,” and it’s that kind of reaction you should be seeking. 

So, read your words with a keen ear, and you will hear those things you didn’t see in print.

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