The Editing Game: Tip #2

Consider the editing process as a game or a puzzle. You have written pages of material. Now, the trick is, for the sake of your reader, how to make it all read as clear as you can, and as strong, smart, concise, compelling, and ultimately more effective.

The main challenge of this game is to acknowledge your document as randomly flawed. Nothing more than a raw piece of matter from which you, in your valiant quest for excellence, vow to liberate from its imperfections–vanquishing every blot and blemish that crosses your path. You realize that, in so doing, you will gain multiple points for professionalism and persistence–and ultimately win the game.

As with most competitions, you will face a daunting adversary, which you must subdue before taking your first step. That enemy is your own ego, which, if left unchecked, will vigorously tempt you to justify, rationalize, overlook, and underestimate those defects, small and large, that keep the brilliance of your words from sparkling to their maximum.

Once aware of how much better you can make the mamuscript by becoming objective, you will begin to enjoy striking out against every false word or comma that stands between you and your goal.

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