Get Feedback: Tip #15

It’s time to enlist people to read your book and give you their comments. 

Writers know from experience that asking their nearest and dearest to be objective when reading anything they’ve written is an exercise in futility. Whether it’s your mother, your ex-spouse, or your boss, no one in your inner circle wants to rain on your parade. What they don’t realize is that the more brutally honest they are, the bigger the favor they are doing you. In either case, there is no way around offering them a first look at your work. Just remember to take it with a grain of salt when you get nothing from them but gushing praise without a trace of constructive criticism.

At the same time, to balance the feedback, also give your material to three or four people whom you respect as professionals, and whom you have reason to believe understand the process well enough to give you a candid reaction.

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  1. John Bromley says:

    I’ve noted all your tips, I’m sure they’ll help me with my attempts at writing.

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