Give it a Rest: Tip #13

Read your material over and over again, leaving a day or, better yet, a week or more in between readings. Often, a sentence reads oh-so subtly different from the way you thought you had written it, even after a revision or two along the way.

So, your manuscript is now reading better than ever. All the inconsistencies, repeated words and phrases, uneven chronology, unclarified information, omitted data, and so forth has been edited in or out of the original, and good riddance. Now, you are ready to release your masterwork to the world. Right? Of course, wrong. Now is when you let it sit and rest. The longer interval of time you allow between you and your words, the more objective you will be when you take on that final reading—before hiring an editor. 

And aren’t you glad you did?! When you pick up your manuscript after letting it lie for a while, you will not necessarily find a litany of issues in need of resolution, but chances are you will find more than you expected.

One more time, you make your changes, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

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