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“I Can Spot a Typo at 20 Paces”

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

(from Flo) I’m a regular contributor to Carol Roth’s business blog. Today’s topic: “Tips for Becoming a Respected Business-Industry Expert.” My contribution is the last one, #105: “I Can Spot a Typo at 20 Paces.”

Here’s the link:

105. I Can Spot a Typo at 20 Paces
Tell everyone you know what you do. I’m a PR consultant who also copyedits books, scripts and websites. Copyediting includes proofreading, so when I say I can spot a typo at twenty paces, it gets a laugh – and people remember. Sometimes, I’ll send a friendly note telling someone of a typo on their website. My email sig says “copyeditor/proofreader” and gives my website. I’m president of a writers organization in SoCal. and when I don’t blow my own horn, some members do it for me.

Thanks to: Flo Selfman of Words à la Mode.
xx   Flo Selfman    (photo: Libby Slate)